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For all women, across all walks of life. 

Are you ready to become a spinbuddy?

Life is too busy to see fitness as another chore. 

If you’re looking for a great way to have fun and get an amazing workout simultaneously, why not give pole dancing a try?

At Spinbuddies, fitness is made to be fun. We are an inclusive family of empowered women empowering women as we get stronger, more confident, and get in touch with our sensuality.

We offer classes for all ages, fitness levels, and body types. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in the art of pole, we provide challenging and entertaining workouts in our beautiful Newmarket studio. We also offer private lessons for a more intense, personalized experience along with party packages for a unique party idea. Check out a class or book a party to discover the wonderful world of Spinbuddies.



Leave your hesitations aside – you CAN do this! Every advanced Spinbuddy was once a beginner.

Do you have questions about our studio or pole fitness in general? Let’s chat! Call Spinbuddies at:



Drop In Classes Available!

Everyone is welcome to join a drop in class!

Classes are only $30 and take place on Sundays at 11am with Tracey.

Call 647-822-7772 to reserve a pole.

Why pole?


Women rave about their new found confidence once they embrace their inner goddess through pole dancing. The physical exertion from pole dancing also releases endorphins which make you feel better, happier, and more energetic.


Pole dancing tones abdominal muscles from deep within and you’ll develop a leaner torso. Keep your abs contracted (think about pulling your navel in towards your spine) as you practice to support your spine and increase the toning benefits.


Pole dancing trains you to lift your body weight which develops impressive strength in your arms while forming long and lean muscles. Pole dancing also helps counteract repetitive small-motion damage to hands and makes your hands stronger.


Many women do not realize the importance of flexibility and neglect to develop and sustain elasticity in their joints. Pole dancing helps to improve your range of motion. Staying supple will help you maintain a youthful lifestyle as you get older.

Shoulders & Back

When beginning to pole dance, you'll feel muscles in your shoulders and back that you may have forgotten you had. Pole dancing strengthens these areas, developing sexy muscle tone. The key is to stand tall with your shoulders back; good posture is key!

Weight Loss

Pole dancing is a great workout consisting of both cardio and strength training. You can burn an average of 350 calories in a class which is similar to a good gym session. Pole dancing allows you to lose weight and tone your muscles while you have fun!

what do we offer?

6 weeks for $149

We offer a 6 week package for a no risk, low commitment option to experience pole dancing fitness.


We offer membership plans to get the best bang for your buck as your immerse yourself in the full pole dancing fitness experience. 

private pole lessons

We offer private lessons which allow for a more personalized, intense pole experience. 

pole parties

We offer a unique type of party experience – perfect for a bachelorette bash! We have three different pole party packages to suit your party needs.