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Pole Dancing Facts



Over and over women talk about the new found confidence. Beats the winter blues – the physical exertion makes your body release the happy hormones- endorphins making you feel better and more energetic.


Because pole dancing trains you to lift your body weight, your arms develop impressive strength, but your muscles stay long and lean (no bulk!). Your hands also become strong, and pole dancing helps counteract repetitive small-motion damage to hands from such activities as typing or hair cutting.

sShoulders and Back:

When first beginning to pole dance, you’ll likely feel muscles in your shoulders and back that you may have forgot you had. Pole dancing strengthens these areas, and you’ll develop sexy muscle tone. Remember to stand tall with your shoulders comfortably back and down; good posture is key to good pole dance.


Pole dancing tones abdominal muscles from deep within and you’ll develop a leaner torso. Keep your abs contracted (think about pulling your navel in towards your spine) as you practice to support your spine and increase the toning benefits.


Many women do not realize the importance of flexibility and neglect to develop and sustain elasticity in their joints. Pole dance helps to improve your range of motion. Staying supple will help you maintain a youthful lifestyle as you get older.

sBurning Calories:

You can burn as many as 350 calories which is similar to a good gym session.